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Anne-Frank-Haus. Karlsruhe

The sucess of these five women from Northern Ireland wouldn't have turned out so well if they didn't have the excellent P.A. System and expertise of their Sound Engineer Mairéad O'Reilly who achieved optimum sound quality.


Chrystal clear and completely clean with subtle reverb, which enhanced the voices of the performers. The dynamics of the different pieces were handled perfectly so that the quieter more intense numbers came across equally as well as the more powerful pieces.


Wolfgang Voigt.

Live Review text



Special praise must be recorded for Mairéad O'Reilly who had the sound spot-on from the very start in a difficult room, and who quite rightly got three separate rounds of applause for her efforts.


Tony Farren.

Folk Roots Review Text

The selection of instruments and arrangements allowed for clear definition, and the sound quality was due to the excellent ear and technical competence of Mairéad O'Reilly on

the desk.


Joyce Scaife

The Living Tradition review Text

Finally, mention should be made of the very high quality of the sound, thanks to Mairéad O'Reilly. Mairéad is reckoned to be one of Ireland's best sound engineers - and it showed!


Steve McGrail.

Belfast Folk Festival

Folk on the Docks


St. Patricks Day Review_Text

...To achieve good sound out of all this equipment and to ensure everything runs smoothly, not only requires good equipment but also a good Engineer.


The Sound Engineer for Tour 1 is Mairéad O'Reilly, who is not only specialist in her technical ability but also knows how to treat music to ensure the best possible reproduction.


She brings with her experience the soul of Irish Folk. At the mixing desk she brings the technical possibilities of the sound to it's full, and yet keeps the sound in it's natural state.


Band's benefit a lot from Mairéad's knowledge and expertise. The sound is awesome!

Folk Roots Review 2 Text


          Then came one more day of rehearsal at Bracknell, and the first gig. By this time they'd added a sound engineer to their gang - and of course, she's female, and yes she adds another country to Jo's Eurovision.


Mairéad O'Reilly has worked with everyone from Altan to Davy Spillane, from Courtney Pine to the Sanskrit Festival of Arts of India.


She's unrivalled in her ability to be mixing sound within half an hour of landing at the nearest airport.



Live Sound

Sound Engineer Mairéad O'Reilly's expertise and professionalism added much to a thoroughly engrossing  and informative  concert; and Awatinas left the

stage,following two encores, with some of their audience still dancing in the aisles. 


Paul Dromey.

Irish Examiner Review Text


Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland.


The concerts take place in giant permanent marquees with wooden floors and a P.A System provided & Engineered by Mairéad O'Reilly, which would have done justice to Led Zepplin.

Aula der Dieburger Fachochshule

"St Patrick's Day Festival"

... Excellent sound, engineered by Mairéad O'Reilly who managed to reproduce the brilliance and dynamics which we are accustomed to from the recording.


Stephen Gorisch.

St Patricks Day Review Text

im Burgerhaus Troisdorf

Excellent P.A. and sound engineered by Mairéad O'Reilly, ensured that the wooden flute in 'Deiseal' featured in the best possible way.

Altan Review Text

New Album- New Tour

 Sound Engineer Mairéad O'Reilly will be along too to asure consistent top quality sound at every performance.

Irland Journal Review Text

Fallen Angels C.D.

Coincidentally the intricate sound was taken care of by yet another woman, her name is Mairéad O'Reilly.


Axel Schuldes.

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